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Event, Venue & Small Business Florals 

Are you needing flowers for an event, venue, or small business? Oak and Bee Florals has you covered! We can make a variety of arrangements based on your needs and space! We like to work directly with planners, venues, and small businesses in Vermont to provide custom floral arrangements that fit your vibe, venue, style, and brand.

How to Get Started


Step 1: Chat with folks at Oak and Bee

Use our contact form below to book an in-person or virtual consult to talk about your vision for arrangements, the space, budget and more! 


Step 2: Proposal &  Contracts 

After our consult, we will send you a customized proposal of all we talked about! And then if that sounds good we will sign a contract! 


Step 3: Enjoy 

Relax, sip your favorite beverage and let us do the rest! 

Thanks for submitting!

Let's start the conversation! 

Common Questions 


Do you do Flower Clean Up?

Yes! We will clean up flowers for a small fee that will be listed as part of your quote!


Do you Deliver?

We do events across Vermont!

Pick up is free regardless of the event location. There is a delivery fee if your event is hosted outside Chittenden County.

We offer free delivery for reoccurring Small Business Floral arrangements for the following locations: 

- Burlington

- South Burlington 

- Winooski 

- Colchester 

- Shelburne 


What Kinds of Flowers can we expect?

We try to use locally grown flowers as much as possible to celebrate all the colorful flowers Vermont has to offer. We also aspire to be creative in what we use in our arrangements, including unique items such as hops, seed pods, dried grasses and more!  


  As it gets colder we will source flowers from a range of vendors.

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